Reduce our impact on the environment through innovation, new technologies, and behavioural change.

The terminal’s commitment towards environment and energy saving has been remarkable and is being through its adoption of a 3 pronged environmental strategies namely “Encourage adoption of “Environmental Technologies”, “Environment’ to become a mandatory part of the process of acquisitions and Greenfield designs” and “Encourage and promote eye-catching environmental ideas”. Over the years MICT has delivered a number of environmental protection and energy conserving ideas. Few initiatives are given below

  1. Variable Intensity Lighting on High Masts using SCADA
  2. Motion Sensors installed in building units which senses motion and turn on/off the power based on need.
  3. HVAC system designed with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  4. Green Belt of 1.5 km length along boundary wall
  5. Oil water Separation System
  6. Sewage Water Treatment Plants using RBC Technology. Recycled water being used for irrigation of green belt.

Latest Environment Activities at Mundra International Container Terminal

Environment activities around the Region
World Water Day Celebration