• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety.

Terminal is also compliant with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code

We prefer to say Safety is Operational Efficiency. Safety is the first agenda point for any management meetings

We, at MICT, do consider contractors also as a partner for operations. Terminal is extending continuous support to contractors for raising their safety standards to meet the terminal standards.

Terminal had laid down Safety rules/regulations, Standard operating procedures & all its employees are committed towards the same. Also terminal is complied with all the safety standards laid down by corporate. These standards are to manage the risk in the terminal & at vessel side.

Terminal is also actively involved in training the outside drivers. Also we conduct Yard/CFS Safety Campaigns for up country drivers who are entering the terminal. At gate, we have installed Public Addressor system which provides continuous awareness on terminal safety requirements.

Terminal is ready to fight with any kind of emergency. It has well defined Emergency response procedures & well trained active emergency response team members who get involved in regular emergency drills. Terminal believes that Safety starts at home. In this regard Home safety campaigns are conducted for employees’ family members. Terminal is putting all its efforts to make their employees & contractors change their mindset towards safety.

At MICT Safety is everybody’s responsibility. We have a Total Safety Culture where all Management/non Management and contracted staff are involved in active Safety Intervention where they identify the unsafe act/condition & correct the same in positive manner. Employees & contractor feel proud to take terminal safety as part of the day to day operation. We prefer No blame culture & do take mistakes as learning opportunities. Also the information is shared amongst other terminals as a learning lesson.

MICT follow the Risk Management process where the Risk Assessments are carried out for any change, new implementation, failure/incident/near miss, complaint & also the Risk Assessment have been conducted for existing work processes/equipments & are regularly reviewed. Risk Assessments take care of not only Safety but also environmental aspects. Terminal has adopted advance investigation method ICAM (Incident Cause analysis Method) where multiple causes for the incident are identified & corrected to stop recurrence. Terminal does care for the environment & are actively involved for its protection. We do have Sewage treatment plant, hazardous bund for storing leaking containers, authorized vendors for waste disposals, oil & water separators, best housekeeping, fuel saving initiatives, technical changes for energy saving, monitoring energy consumption, ongoing awareness programs.

MICT encourage Safety by conducting monthly & annual safety awards, drawing competitions & various other Safety competitions, Safety initiatives for employees & contractor. Terminal is putting ongoing efforts for continuous improvement in safety & operational standards. MICT believes that Training is the best investment to achieve operational efficiency & ultimately to enhance the business.

All the new recruits need to undergo the basic safety induction training which include psychology of safety, emergency response, basic fire fighting, basic first aid & safety hand book. These courses provide general idea about the terminal & mindset of the employees is tuned for terminal requirements of safety. We have structured skill based training programs for operation staff & have installed crane simulator which has facility to provide training to QC, RTG & RMG operators. This help in reducing the risk of incidents during the training of operators as they get well hands on judgment before they go to actual equipment. The competency is checked on basis of theory & practical & then operators certificate is issued which is valid for a year. Equipment operators need to undergo annual refresher training for renewal of the operator’s certificate. The training systems are not only for the employees but also for the contractors & outsiders.

For the contractors, the specialized courses are designed according to the services they provide & being delivered which covers safety requirements & terminal rules & regulations. Ongoing training & awareness programs are helping terminal to achieve better productivity/ efficiency, customer satisfaction, reduction in property damages/reduce damage costs, managing risks, better teamwork, and adding value to terminal activities. As a part of our commitment towards Environment Protection, we have developed and maintaining the green belt at our township.